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The Double Agents (Men at War)

The Double Agents - W.E.B. Griffin, William E. Butterworth IV A book by Griffin (and son now) means one thing to me - a quick, easy, and fun story about a guy who tends to have everything go his way in life and "The Double Agents" was no different. "The Double Agents" is about Major Dick Candidy who was formerly an ace pilot and is now an operative within the OSS working on a mission in Sicily. There is also a side story involving the actors Peter Ustinov and David Niven who are also working for the OSS out of London on a mission to fool Nazi intelligence into thinking we aren't really up to anything in Sicily.The story about Candidy is interesting but I found the retelling of Operation Mincemeat involving Ustinov and Niven more compelling because it is based on an actually OSS operation I had previously heard about though not all of the characters in "The Double Agents" actually were involved in Operation Mincemeat in reality.This is the only book inthe "Men At War" series I have read but it was enjoyable enough that I will go back and get the rest of the series.

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