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Best Served Cold

Best Served Cold - Joe Abercrombie If you enjoyed Abercrombie's prior books (The First Law series) chances are good you'll like this one too. Not a very detailed review is it? No, I guess not and it does tend to ignore everyone who hasn't read a prior Abercrombie book (what? you haven't? Go read them, they are very good!). Okay, well, I'll try again then.Best Served Cold is about revenge; all sorts of revenge. The book opens with a betrayal and then spends the rest of the tome describing how the betrayed, Monza Murcotto, exacts her revenge on those that betrayed her. Monza is a well drawn character who's backstory is filled in as the novel unfolds. And, as we learn more about Monza, she is joined by a variety of characters that you may remember from the First Law books thus providing a robust cast of characters that, at times, keep the tale more interesting than the activity surrounding them.Overall I thought this story was a bit simplistic but it was still a fun read and I wouldn't hesitate to suggest to others. However, as in the First Law books, there are some scenes that may be disturbing; especially scenes detailing torture so proceed with caution if that type of action, in it's written form, is difficult for you.

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